Capacity Assessment

In order to be effective, the management functions of an organisation should be performing at certain agreed-upon standards. Capacity assessment is the analysis of the desired capacities against existing capacities, in order to develop an understanding of capacity strengths and weaknesess as the basis for formulating a capacity development strategy.

Our approach to organisation development is built around the Systems theory of organizationswhich recognises that each of the components may reach the desired standards at different times.

Through participatory capacity assessment, we help organizations identify their strengths and weaknesses in ten aspects of organizational effectiveness:

  •  Project Management 
  • Leadership and governance
  • Stakeholder Involvement       
  • Financial Management          
  • Administration and Human Resources Management           
  • Networking and advocacy     
  • Technical capacity     
  • Knowledge management       
  • Sustainability
  • Monitoring and Evaluation    

The output of a capacity assessment is an organizational capacity profile.


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