Human Resource Development

We assist organisations focus their human resource management efforts through consultancy and training.


Human Resource Management

There are two key thrusts to Human Resource Management today. The first one is positioning HR as a strategic business partner to ensure that organisational goals and vision are met. The second thrust is to enable team leaders to lead their people so as to optimise their human resource.

Organizational Culture

To achieve your organisation’s vision, you need  a culture and climate that will support the goals, and actions that will make it happen.

Needs Assessment

A well formulated, carefully structured needs analysis, is essential to ensure alignment of your strategic objectives to your critical actions. The objective is to empower employees with focused and aligned training.

Strategic Planning for organisational excellence

We faciltate sessions with boards, executive and project teams to  develope a working strategy document that will focus your team, direct your actions, and monitor your perfromance.

Team Building

If you team is not pulling together, there is infighting, duplication of work, they are not focused on getting the work done and teaming is not understood, then there is a need to establish direction, position leadership, determine parameters and norms of operation and  set quality criteria against which to manage performance.


Whether initiated as part of a capacity development strategy or tailor made to address indentified gaps, our training programmes build leadership abilities, technical expertise and programme management skills on a broad range of organisational and people competences. We conduct our training using participatory learning methodologies and encourage exchange of best practices and experiences. Key areas of focus include:

Employee Development Training

HR Management Training

Leadership Development Training

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